We are inspired by our love of the natural world, our two children and the incredible human being that is Sir David Attenborough.

Launched in 2018, Plastic Free Home is an online community, with more than 30,000 followers in over 20 countries. Our aim is to seek and share ideas on how we can all make a difference and give our planet a helping hand, by respecting and loving the natural world, consuming less and living more sustainably.

Alongside our website and growing Facebook page, we regularly appear in a range of publications, as well as on BBC Radio, and are invited by businesses, schools, charities and community groups to speak on the subject.

We always give our time for free but on occasion, if something is gifted to us or we receive any form of ‘rewardfrom a brand we will always let you know. And we will donate the amount received to nature and wildlife conservation charities here in the UK.

Thank you for listening. And, more importantly, for caring.

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For Peat’s Sake… Help Us to Encourage Garden Centres and Retailers to Go Peat Free

You may have seen some of our many posts on the use of Peat in compost over the past couple of years and perhaps read our blog on ‘7 Reasons to Avoid Peat and Why it is Bad for the Environment‘. If you are as passionate about the subject as we are, we urge you …

Why We’ve Not Yet Lost Faith in Faith In Nature – We Put Your Questions to Them…

We recently shared a post from the lovely Scottish-based zero waste shop Grain & Sustain about their experience of working with Faith in Nature and the direction they felt the brand was taking going forward. It led to a lively and engaging debate, with other zero waste businesses sharing their own thoughts and experiences, alongside …

A Must Watch

On 28 September 2020, arguably one of the most important films ever made was released. Sir David Attenborough’s ‘A Life on Our Planet’, which he describes as his “witness statement”, is a film that every single one of us needs to watch and listen to.

A Handwritten Letter from Sir David Attenborough

In 2019 we wrote to Sir David Attenborough to thank him for inspiring us. We were touched to receive a handwritten letter in response just a few weeks later.

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Plastic Free Home is and has always been a welcoming and supportive online community. Please try to engage positively and constructively at all times. Whilst we may share common aims, it is important to remember that we will all have different views on certain issues, base our thinking and decisions on different factors and be at varying points in our journeys.
And that’s okay.

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