Married with two kids, Emma from south east England, gives us the low down on buying, owning, running and living with a Hybrid (Petrol/Electric) car…

When did you first consider a hybrid car?

I’ve known for a while that when our old, trusty car finally gave up that I couldn’t, in good conscience, buy another car that wasn’t environmentally friendly. As a family, we have made so many changes to our lifestyle over the past few years to become more sustainable, that buying a hybrid car was a logical step for us. I would have liked to have chosen a fully electric model but because of a few reservations, (such as cost and availability of charging points) we decided that a rechargeable hybrid was a good stepping stone. 

Which three models were on your shortlist?

Mini Countryman Plug-in Hybrid

Hyundai Ioniq SE Premium Hybrid

Kia Niro Hybrid

What car did you choose and why?

The Hyundai Ioniq SE Premium Hybrid. We needed a good-sized family car for a reasonable price and the Ioniq is just that. Our previous car was wasn’t too dissimilar to Fred Flintstone’s so the technology included in the Ioniq seems incredible in comparison – reversing camera, lane keeping assist, cooling seats etc. As well as being very safe, it also looks really striking.

Describe your experience so far?

Driving this car makes me really happy. The technology is amazing and its a really smooth drive. The actual driving experience is like any other automatic car – the battery simply recharges when you decelerate. A massive plus for us is that we can get two scooters, a pram and a weekly shop in the boot of the car!

What’s the range?

Up to 700 miles depending on driving conditions.

How easy do you find it to recharge? How long does it take? N/A

Is it cost effective to run?

Yes, whilst it still uses petrol, we aren’t filling up as often as we used to. 

Do you pay all of the same costs as with a normal car? (MOT, tax etc)

The car tax was £130 which is the same for all new hybrid cars from 2017, marginally cheaper than new standard cars. The car dealership provided lifetime MOTs.

What are the pros and cons of owning a hybrid car in 2019?

+ Environmentally friendly

+ Fill with fuel less frequently

– It can be a little bit slower off the start!

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