We recently shared our top 10 reads for both adults and children but if you’re not a big bookworm, or struggle to find the time, here are our must watch TV series, films and documentaries….

  1. Blue Planet and Blue Planet II – If you haven’t seen either, where have you been? The ground breaking series presented by the legendary Sir David Attenborough that almost single handily brought the plastic problem to the world’s attention and reminded us just how incredible nature is.
  2. Before the Flood – Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, this 2016 documentary film focuses on the issues around climate change and what can be done before its too late.
  3. Blackfish – A documentary film from 2013 that aims to shine a light on the sad plight of Tilikum, an Orca at SeaWorld, and the treatment of other whales sadly kept in captivity.
  4. An Inconvenient Truth – We remember watching this back in 2006, when far fewer people were talking about climate change. This ahead of its time documentary film was at the heart of former US Vice President Al Gore’s campaign to educate people about global warming.
  5. A Plastic Ocean – In this documentary film its maker, Craig Leeson, sets out to capture the elusive but beautiful blue whale on film but uncovers an ocean littered with plastic.
  6. Ice on Fire – Another one featuring Di Caprio, this 2019 documentary film examines whether we can reverse the effects of climate change and how we can reduce the level of Carbon in our atmosphere.
  7. War on Plastic – This 2019 BBC TV series presented the issues in a way that was easily digestible and relatable to most, highlighting this environmental impact of our everyday decisions and the differences we can all make in our lives. A second series is on the way.
  8. Years of Living Dangerously – With big hitters James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger on board, this 2016 documentary series focused on global warming and the challenges facing our planet and indeed all of us.
  9. Chasing Ice – Made in 2012, this documentary film focuses on nature photographer James Balog’s Extreme Ice Survey as he bids to highlight the effects of climate change in colder climes.
  10. Chasing Coral – This 2017 documentary film unsurprisingly focuses on the threats to our coral reefs and the dramatic and devastating rate at which they are disappearing.

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