Here at Plastic Free Home, we’re huge admirers of Herefordshire-based Two Farmers Crisps. Firstly, as they’re delicious, but more importantly because this small British company has beaten leading players like Walkers (who churn out 11m plastic crisp bags EVERY day and are still just ‘trying’ to tackle the problem) to market with home compostable packaging. Win, Win.

What is your background and how did Two Farmers crisps come about?

“Truly passionate about the Herefordshire countryside that has enabled us to grow award-winning potatoes, we (founders Sean and Mark) met one night for a pint of local beer and a packet of crisps. We hatched out a plan of how to honour and celebrate these potatoes and that night the Two Farmers brand was born. It took three years to develop the idea; we spent a lot of time trying to find the right zero plastic packaging. This was our main focus and biggest challenge.”

Tell us about youselves?

Mark: “I’m a second-generation farmer and co-founder of Two Farmers. For years I dreamt of making crisps from my own potatoes. I wanted to produce something that would firmly cement Herefordshire on the foodie map.”

Sean: “I’m a fellow farmer and co-founder of Two Farmers. My day job as a potato merchant inspired me to protect the surrounding countryside. This sparked my desire to become the first crisp brand in the UK to launch a 100% compostable bag.”

What is your “mission for change”? “Two Farmers is the UK’s first 100% compostable and plastic free crisp brand. As farmers, our mission is to work hand in hand with nature. We are proud to be making the change that is needed to protect our countryside for generations to come. Our aim is to close the loop with our sustainable production methods and compostable packets that will return to the earth in just six months.”

How have you achieved this when much larger brands are offering little more than promises?

We have chosen to launch with compostable/plastic free packaging which is ten times more expensive; we can’t comment on other brands decisions.”

How would you describe big brands’ approach to the plastic problem (not just crisp companies) more generally?

We can’t comment on other companies plastic free initiatives, we are offering a choice to consumers.”

Clarify for us what the packets are made from, how to dispose of your packaging and how long it takes?

Our compostable packaging is derived from sustainable eucalyptus pulp, plant-based foil and biodegradable ink. Either put it on your home compost or put in your local council food bin (check locally). In independent tests, our packs will compost in just six months in a home composting unit at ambient temperature (< 30c) and in Industrial composting in less than 12 Weeks at 60c.”

How many units do you currently sell? And what’s your No1 flavour?

“In 40g packets we sell Lightly Salted (our No1 flavour), Salt & Cider Vinegar, Hereford Bullshot and Hereford Hop Cheese & Onion. 150g bags are coming soon.”

Where can people find your crisps? Why has a big supermarket chain or two not cottoned on yet?

“Since launching in October 2018, we have been supplying independent retailers across the country, with new customers coming on board all the time (a lot of Zero waste shops). The process to stock in a major retailer is much longer.”

What next for Two Farmers?

We are working on some exciting NPD (new product development) and getting a fleet of vehicles run off our own renewable energy.”

You can find out more about the company via their website:, from which you can either buy Two Farmers Crisps directly (for home delivery) or find out where locally they are available. Our thanks to Mark and Sean.

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