At a recent talk we gave, we began with a question. How many of the 20 items below do you think may contain plastic?

Answers given by the group ranged from 9 to 15. Take a look and see what you think?

1. Glitter

2. Till receipts

3. Tea bags

4. Chewing gum

5. Sticky tape

6. Clothes

7. Cleaning wipes

8. Tetra pak cartons

9. Crisp packets

10. Cotton buds

11, Drinks cans

12. Carpets

13. Disposable coffee cups

14. Wrapping paper

15. Table salt

16. Cigarette butts

17. Kitchen sponge

18. Fish

19. Toothbrush

20. Honey

Answer: Yes, you’ve probably guessed that, frustratingly, the correct answer is all 20.

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