This is going to be one of our shorter blogs, as the message is a very simple one.

Cotton buds.

Many of the leading brands are now making a big fuss about the fact that they have (finally and long overdue) made their cotton buds plastic free. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re made from sustainable sources however.

And now to the ridiculous part… many of these large brands, whether it be the obvious ones like Johnson & Johnson, or supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, are still packing these plastic free cotton buds in… you’ve guessed it, plastic! And quite a lot of it. Typically hard to recycle PP, AKA Polypropylene.

So, either live without cotton buds, do your homework when buying from a leading brand and look for one that’s bothered to think about the packing too, or buy from a company like Bambaw.

They’re an affordable and environmentally safe alternative as they’re plastic free and made from renewable bamboo sources and 100% biodegradable. And they come in a lightweight card box that can also be recycled.

Bambaw also sell a range of other great products, ranging from razors and disposable cutlery to toothbrushes and drinking straws.

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