Real Christmas trees.They are obviously more authentic and they generally smell fantastic but they may not last and they can result in a lot of mess… etc etc. The merits of a real tree versus an artificial one is a timeless debate. But how do they compare environmentally according to the Carbon Trust?

Tree Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
6ft  real Christmas tree that is disposed of in a wood chipper or bonfire 3.5 KG
6ft  real Christmas tree that is disposed of in landfill 16 KG
6ft  artificial Christmas tree 40 KG

Simply put, that means that you would need to get 12 years’ use out of your artificial Christmas tree before it squares up to a real one environmentally. So, keep that in mind if you’re yet to decide on which way to go this Christmas. Of course, if you already own an artificial tree, use it to death and ideally for at least 12 years, before considering your options!

If you are buying a new tree, look for one locally that is FSC or Soil Association approved. Or, now you can even rent a tree! Once Christmas is over, it gets picked up and replanted for next year. If your garden is big enough, you could do this at home too.

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  1. Or buy a small tree put it in a pot and bring it inside at Christmas then put it outside til next year. When it gets too big decorate it with outside lights and buy another small one and start again. Works for us 😊


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