As we’ve just ‘enjoyed’ awards season (well done to the BAFTAs for pushing sustainability, not so well done to the Oscars), it’s time for the biggest of them all (drum roll…), the annual Plastic Free Home Awards.

There’s no glitzy ceremony, there are no heavyweight awards, Joaquin Phoenix isn’t among the winners and we’re not off to an after party with Brad and Jen but here goes…

We’ve named our gold, silver and bronze winners across a range of categories.

Top zero waste retailer (local to RG)

1. Maya’s Refillables, Wokingham
=  Scoop, Fleet
3. The True Food Community Co-Op, Reading

Top eco initiative/group (local to RG)
1. Ali’s Recycling for the Local Community
2. Twyford Rethinks Its Plastic (TRIP)
3. Wokingham Litter Heroes
= Greener Wokingham

Top brand
1. Two Farmers
2. The Cheeky Panda
3. Ecoegg

Top bathroom brand
1. The Cheeky Panda
2. Gower Lavender
3. Friendly Soap

Top personal care brand
1. Earth Conscious
2. Neve’s Bees
3. Fit Pit

Top household brand
1. Ecoegg
2. Splosh
3. Loofco

Top food brand
1. Two Farmers
2. Tony’s Chocolonely
3. Divine Chocolate

Top drinks brand
1. Percol
2. The Loose Leaf Tea Company
3. CanO Water

Top energy brand
1. Bulb
2. Octopus Energy
3. Ecotricity

Congratulations to all of our winners – we’re off to mark the conclusion of this year’s awards with a cup of (loose leaf) tea… cheers!

You can find us on Facebook by searching for Plastic Free Home or at

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