­­­The lovely team at ecovibe.co.uk have been in touch to offer our readers 10% off site-wide. Every month online we’ll also be reviewing a new product from ecovibe.co.uk.

Simply use the discount code PLASTICFREE10 at the checkout. If your order is likely to come to £45 or more, drop us an email at plasticfreehome@gmail.com and we’ll send a 20% off code your way. Many of the items may lovely gifts all year round.

To get you started, we’ve picked out our top 20 recommended products currently available at http://www.ecovibe.co.uk

  1. Bamboo unisex safety razor – by Bambaw £20.99
  2. Coconut ‘doing the dishes’ cleaning set – By Ecococonut £9.99
  3. Bamboo loo roll – by The Cheeky Panda from £3.99
  4. Reusable organic fruit/veg produce bags – by Eco Living £6.99
  5. Recycled kids’/adults’ lunch bag – by Rex London £4.99
  6. Biodegradable/compostable poop bags – by Ecovibe £4.99
  7. Sugarcane & bamboo facial tissues – by Greencane £1.49
  8. Body loofah – by Loofco £2.99
  9. Reusable organic bread bag – by Ecovibe £2.70
  10. Aloe Vera bamboo plasters – by Patch £6.99
  11. Compostable sponges – by Ecovibe £3.99
  12. Toothpaste tablets with Fluroride – by Eco Living £4.99
  13. Natural deodorant stick – by Kutis £7.49
  14. Natural dog toys – by various from £7.00
  15. Shower soap saver – by Tabitha Eve £6.00
  16. Beeswax wraps set – by Ecovibe £15.00
  17. Organic tampons – by & Sisters £3.99
  18. Plastic free oven/kitchen/bathroom cleaner 5 pack – by Iron & Velvet £10.99
  19. Vegan make-up – by Zao from £5.00
  20. Organic lip balm – by Kutis £4.50

Whether you try something new, or reorder a tried and tested favourite, get in touch and let us know your thoughts!

You can find us on Facebook by searching for Plastic Free Home or at http://www.facebook.com/plasticfreehomeuk.

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