Item name: Antibacterial surface cleaner

Made by: Iron & Velvet

Bought from: Iron & Velvet


Iron & Velvet was launched in 2014, with the aim of “bringing high quality, luxury cleaning products to market”. In 2020, this had evolved to focus on “The War on Plastic Pollution”.

We tried Iron & Velvet’s antibacterial surface cleaner – specifically the coconut and lime version. For use in kitchens and bathrooms, it’s described as “able to penetrate dried foods and greases to leave your hard surfaces looking as clean as possible”, with an “incorporated an antibacterial agent”.

The surface cleaner comes in the form of a dissolvable sachet (priced at £4 or 5 for £10 and made from Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA), a water soluble, non-toxic synthetic polymer, delivered to your door. Simply place the sachet in to an existing reusable spray bottle and top up with lukewarm water, shake and voila!

So, we’ve saved on a lot of plastic from the off, and the packaging was minimal, which is great (the paper and cardboard packaging comes from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources which is good too) but what’s on the inside? Iron & Velvet say that their products are made from “plant derived, sustainably sourced ingredients as well as pure essential oils wherever possible, meaning that up to 70% of our products are fully natural ingredients”. Iron & Velvet’s products are not tested on animals and importantly, they are cruelty free.

We know the question that you’re about to ask and the answer is yes. Like similar competitors, Iron & Velvet’s products do contain an ingredient that is derived from Palm Oil, although it comes from an RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified supplier. And they are not completely free of chemicals, although they use significantly lower amounts than leading big brand alternatives.

The company is based in the West Midlands, where everything is also manufactured, and the products are delivered by Royal Mail rather than a courier, further helping to minimise Iron & Velvet’s carbon footprint. Leading competitors do not always produce everything here in the UK; for example the excellent Ocean Saver’s sachets are made in China until at least 2022.

Importantly, did the product do the trick? Delivery was easy and the sachets came quickly and well (and minimally) packaged. Creating the solution was easy, following the simple instructions supplied. When used, the spray felt less ‘chemically” than many and coconut and the fragrance was pleasant enough and not too dominant. The spray also seemed to do a very good job of cleaning surfaces, ranging from quartz worktops to stainless steel sinks, ceramic hobs to porcelain tiling. And remember, unlike many eco-friendly cleaners, it’s antibacterial.

It may not be a completely perfect solution but it’s a clever product and it isn’t easy to find a better bought solution at present – especially one that is 100% made in the UK. Iron & Velvet’s products are well thought out and made, and offer a more environmentally alternative to leading brands as their products use significantly less packaging and contain a far fewer chemicals.

Where possible, we would always encourage you to make your own surface cleaners (using white vinegar, essential oils, baking soda, citrus peel and water in a desired combination) but it is worth noting that this homemade cleaner may not have genuine antibacterial properties so that may determine where and how you use it or don’t.

If Iron & Velvet can, over time, eliminate all chemicals and work towards producing products that are 100% naturally derived, we’d be able to award an even higher rating but the brand has already come a long way in its relatively short life time and it is currently our go-to bought surface cleaner.

Iron & Velvet also sells a regular surface cleaner, an oven cleaner, a floor cleaner and a glass cleaner at  


+ Saves an estimated 90% packaging and plastic free
+ Water soluble sachets
+ 70% natural ingredients and fewer chemicals than leading brands
+ 100% made in the UK
+ Cruelty free
+ Affordable and easy to use
+ Save on storage space


Uses a Palm Oil derived ingredient (although it is (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certified as sustainable)
Not completely chemical free
Limited range of fragrances, but they are nice enough on the nose

Rating: 9/10

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