Item name: Sunglasses made from recycled ocean plastics

Made by: Waterhaul

Bought from: Waterhaul


Waterhaul is a social enterprise based in Newquay, Cornwall (UK) and already one of our favourite eco brands we’ve come across in the past year.

Annually, 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets and equipment are carelessly lost or unnecessarily discarded in our oceans.Ocean Cleanup’s findings, which mirror those of many other organisations, found that 46% of the plastic waste in our oceans comes from the fishing industry.

“Waste is simply a misallocated resource – we value ocean plastic as unique material which tells a story,” explains Waterhaul’s website.

It continues: “Turning the problem on its head, all of the properties which make discarded fishing gear such an issue, including its abundance and strength, make it both an excellent resource for recycling and a priority target to intercept from the ocean. Waterhaul’s mission is to remove this resource from our ocean and coastline, divert waste nets from landfilling, expand recycling capacity and demonstrate solutions to this threat to our ocean.”

“Mrs Plastic Free Home” received a pair of Waterhaul’s Harlyn sunglasses as a (very well received) Christmas present. Here’s what we thought…


Priced at £60, they’re excellent value and a far more distinctive and eye-catching, to mention environmentally-friendlier, alternative to mainstream designer sunglasses.

Their “seaglass” colouring stems from the natural colouring of the recycled netting from which the sunglasses are made. Every frame is unique, with an eye-catching matte finish.

Incredibly, the shades are made from 100% recycled Cornish gill nets and feature lightweight cellulose-based lenses that provide UVA/UVB 400 protection. i.e. they are proper sunglasses.

Even the eco-conscious case is made from sustainably sourced cork.

And Waterhaul’s supply chain is entirely free from single use plastic and ours arrived in packaging made from recycled wood pulp.

We know, great stuff, right?

We haven’t gotten to the most impressive part yet. All of Waterhaul’s products are covered by a market-leading lifetime guarantee. If a pair of their sunglasses are damaged or broken, Waterhaul will repair or replace them, charging only for postage. And better still, they will use any damaged frames components to make new pairs of sunglasses, as part of a closed recycling loop. In simple words, perfection.

Their current range of sunglasses features five designs. The brand also sells prescription eyewear, including reading glasses. Something we may be tempted to try in the future.

We are blown away by what Waterhaul and its founder, Harry Dennis – a marine scientist from Cornwall, have achieved in just 18 months since launching. We can’t even begin to imagine, but greatly look forward to seeing what they do next.

If you want a new pair of sunglasses, or “shades”, anytime soon (or know someone who does – they make an excellent gift), look no further.

Oh, and on a final note, if like us you’re avid litter pickers, or if you want to get started – Waterhaul makes and sells these too – made from… you’ve guessed it. Priced at just £10.


Are you kidding?

Find out more via Waterhaul’s website.

Rating: 10/10

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