Product name: BoxRoll recycled toilet roll

Made by: Rural Trading

Bought from: Rural Trading


If you’ve followed Plastic Free Home for a little while, you’ll know that we like to talk about toilet roll.

You may have read our recent blog article, ‘The Environmental Impact of Toilet Paper‘, for example, and you can check out our interviews with the founders of BoxRoll and The Cheeky Panda.

Our two favourite toilet roll brands in the past couple of years have been The Cheeky Panda and Naked Sprout – both of which are made using bamboo. But there’s a new contender we really like, and it’s made from recycled pulp. BoxRoll…

BoxRoll is manufactured in the UK by a BRC accredited tissue manufacturer, using 100% recycled post consumer (typically from home or office use) waste paper.

The company (Rural Trading) makes a point of selling through independent and zero waste retailers, which is great to see. Obviously, as any eco business looks to scale up, that becomes more difficult.

Home delivery and buying directly is an option too, with a minimum order quantity of three boxes (72 rolls) priced at just under £40.

In March, BoxRoll’s existing two ply 100% recycled toilet roll will be replaced by a new ‘eco plus’ two ply 100% recycled toilet roll. With 400 sheets per roll, and an incredible 1km or toilet roll per box of 24 rolls, BoxRoll’s rolls are seemingly the longest on the market. They also represent incredible value at £13.22 per box of 24 rolls, or just 55p per roll. It’s worth noting that Who Gives a… ( you know the next bit – we don’t like the brand name) appear to have recently reduced theirs to 370 sheets per roll from 400.

BoxRoll’s rolls are produced using chlorine free bleaching. They arrived unwrapped and plastic free in a cardboard box.

The company also produces an alternative product, made from sustainably sourced virgin pulp, but we’re not quite sure why. We’d rather see BoxRoll focusing all of its efforts on its’ excellent recycled rolls.

According to the website, BoxRoll is launching a two ply 100% recycled kitchen towel soon, which is good news.

BoxRoll is one of the best new eco-friendly brands we’ve come across in the past couple of years and we’re excited to watch the company continue to grow and develop. We’d happily recommend the brand and its’ recycled toilet rolls.

+ An excellent, entrepreneurial company.
+ Manufactured in the UK.
+ Made using 100% recycled post consumer UK waste paper.
+ Unwrapped and plastic free.
+ 400 sheets per roll – (we think) the longest rolls on sale in the UK.
+ Superb value for money and home delivery.
+ Passionate about supporting independent and zero waste businesses.

– Bleached unlike, for example, Naked Sprout. But chlorine free.
– We’re not sure why BoxRoll produces a toilet paper from virgin pulp, albeit sustainably sourced.

Rating: 9/10

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