It’s easy as A, B, C – right? Not quite. We think that it’s worth taking the time to ensure that any eco-conscious swaps you are considering are actually “better” overall than the current brands and products you are using. It’s too easy to make a “wrong turn” otherwise, or perhaps resolve one problem only to get caught out by another one. And remember, whatever you do, please don’t replace existing products for the sake of it (that’s not environmentally friendly!) – wait until they actually need replacing, and aim to recycle or dispose of them correctly at that point.

We only like to recommend companies and brands that we’ve road-tested personally and/or done our homework on – sometimes this involves speaking directly to those running the companies to get the answers.

As we say time and time again, we view the potential for change on a spectrum. There are rarely perfect solutions but there are certainly many imperfect (and less environmentally conscious) ones. Any changes that you make that move you towards the eco-friendlier end of that spectrum are a win in our eyes.

It’s crucial to remember that, for many of us, our decisions will not only be based on a brand’s or product’s green credentials, but on how that product/service meets our needs (particularly when compared to the product we are aiming to move away from), affordability and availability.

A particular swap might tick all of the boxes environmentally, but if it’s hard to get hold of, viewed as too expensive or doesn’t really do the job very well, then we’re all likely to abandon ship and revert to old habits.

Ideally, changes we identify and make need to meet the above criteria, and be sustainable – in both senses of the word!

And, don’t forget that what’s inside counts too. Some people focus so heavily on the plastic problem that this and other factors can get forgotten. For example, some of our swaps may not be plastic free, but compared to the big brand alternatives they may be a far better option when it comes to their overall life cycle and environmental impact.

Below is our A-Z list of brands, sorted into categories, that we would be happy to recommend. We’re constantly adding to it as we discover and test out new brands and their products. If you’d like us to review your eco offering(s) or have a suggestion, please do get in touch via email at

Our Favorite Sustainable Brands

Antibacterial surface cleaner
Ecovibe, Iron & Velvet, Miniml, Ocean Saver

Baby lotion
Child’s Farm, Green People

Baby shampoo/bodywash
Child’s Farm, Green People, Jackson Reece

Bar snacks
Made for Drink

Bath bombs
The Salty Herb

Bathroom cleaner
Bio-D, Ecovibe, Iron & Velvet, SESI Refill

Beeswax wraps
Alton’s Honey Bees Inverurie, Beeswax Wraps UK

Duvet Hog, The Fine Bedding Company (Eco range), Panda, The Wool Room

Essential Self Care, Run with Wolves, UpCircle

Divine, Tony’s Chocolonely

Two Farmers

Any organic cotton clothing made by Teemill, a circular business powered by renewables. They often work hand in hand with leading charities, so you can also support good causes at the same time. Otherwise, in general, aim to buy clothing made from organic and Fairtrade cotton wherever possible. Find out why here. And, naturally, buying second hand is a great option if it suits you.

Bird & Wild, Cafédirect, Percol

Coffee cups
Circular&Co, Frank Green, Huski Home, Neon Kactus, Stojo (collapsible)

Durstons, Happy Compost, , Melcourt Sylva Grow, Richard Jackson, Verve (B&Q), Westland New Horizon

Conditioner or shampoo
Faith in Nature, Fill Refill, Friendly Soap, Lamazuna, Miniml, SESI Refill


Earth Conscious, Fit Pit, Green People, Green Planet Beauty, re:treat Apothecary, Scence, Wild

Bio-D, Ecoleaf, Ecozone, Fill Refill, Miniml, Planet Detox, SESI Refill

Dishwashing brushes/scourers
EcoCoconut, Ecovibe, Loofco, Rowen Stillwater

Bulb, Ecotricity, Good Energy, Green Energy, Octopus Energy


Feminine hygiene
Bloom and Nora,  Cheeky Wipes, DAME, Eco Period, Flo, Modibodi, Mondays, Mooncup, Natracare, Ohne, Thinx, TOTM, Wear ‘Em Out, WUKA 

Fruit & veg
A local greengrocer, farm shop or similar, where available. There are of course online options but we haven’t road tested any of these companies.

Food storage
Alton’s Honey Bees (Beeswax Wraps UK)

Greetings cards
1 Tree Cards, Eco Friendly Cards, Hannah Marchant

Bio-D, Faith in Nature, Fill Refill, Miniml, SESI Refill, Splosh

Eco Living

Household cleaner
Bio-D, Ecovibe, Iron & Velvet

Kitchen roll
BoxRoll, The Cheeky Panda, Naked Sprout

Kitchen utensils
Eco Living

Bio-D, Eco Egg, Ecoleaf, Faith in Nature, Fill Refill, Friendly Soap, Greenscents, Miniml, Planet Detox

Lip balm
Green Planet Beauty, Neve’s Bees

Green People, Zao

Milk (cows’)
Milk & More or a local dairy where possible.


Online retailers
We’d always encourage you to shop local if you can. Find a zero waste shop near you here. Boobalou, Eco Beagle, Ecovibe, Ethical Superstore, Peace With the Wild, Plastic Freedom, The Plastic Free Shop, Rowen Stillwater, Traidcraft, Wearth

Eco-craft, Evolution Paper, The Green Stationery Company, The Woodland Trust

Naked Necessities

Shampoo or conditioner
Faith in Nature, Fill Refill, Friendly Soap, Lamazuna, Miniml, SESI Refill

Faith in Nature, Friendly Soap, Gower Lavender, Wild Sage & Co

Soap pouch
Gower Lavender, HydroPhil

Badger Company, Child’s Farm, Green People, Shade


Tea (bags)
Brew Tea Co, Cafédirect, Pukka

Tea (loose leaf)
The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

Toilet brush and holder
We’re yet to find one we like and would recommend.

Toilet cleaner
Bio-D, Ecoleaf, Ecover, SESI Refill

Toilet roll
BoxRoll, The Cheeky Panda, Ecoleaf, Naked Sprout, Serious Tissues

Eco Living, Georganics, The Humble Co, HydroPhil, Jack N’ Jill

We’re yet to find one we like and would recommend.

Green Toys, Envirotoy

Washing up liquid
Bio-D, Ecoleaf, Fill Refill, Greenscents, Miniml, Planet Detox, SESI Refill, Splosh

Water bottle
Frank Green, Klean Kanteen, One Green Bottle, S’wheat

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  1. Very useful thank you! Have you tried the Mr Siga toilet brush? I know it’s plastic, but it’s easy to keep clean and very durable. The best solution I’ve found right now.

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  2. Great resource and thanks. Any reason why Smol products don’t appear, wondering what I might not know. Been using them for some time and have been very happy.


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