Easter eggs and the status quo

An estimated 80 million chocolate Easter eggs are sold annually in the UK.

According to the Retail Data Partnership, Cadbury has a 20% share of the UK confectionary market at Easter, with the top 10 selling brands as follows:

1. Cadbury
2. Nestle
3. Haribo
4. Wrigley’s
5. Galaxy
6. Kinder
7. Maltesers
8. Maynards Bassetts
9. Swizzels
10. M&M’s

No surprises there perhaps. And sadly, no eco-friendly or ethical brands make the list. That’s why we’ve compiled our own below…

Factors to consider when buying Easter eggs

While some of the leading brands have re-thought their packaging, including seeking to reduce or eliminate their use of plastic, in the past couple of years, as we always say at Plastic Free Home, what’s on the inside counts too.

It’s very easy to get caught up focusing too heavily on a product’s packaging given the recent emphasis in the press and from brands themselves, but don’t forget that everything from a brand’s supply chain and working practices to how and where its ingredients are sourced matter as well.

When buying Easter eggs, it is important to look at whether a product is Fairtrade (or similar), to help ensure that the chocolate has been ethically grown and sourced, with workers’ rights and pay being protected as part of the supply chain.

Depending on your personal preferences, you may also want to consider whether your Easter eggs are organic, vegan, palm oil free and plastic free.

Our top 5 eco-friendly Easter eggs

BrandFairtrade (or similar)OrganicVeganPlastic free
Divine ChocolateYesNoOptionalYes
Tony’s ChocolonelyYesNoNoYes
The Real Easter EggYesNoNoYes
Moo FreeNoYesYesYes

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