We’ve been keeping an eye on the S’wheat brand and its progress in the past couple of years so we were delighted when co-founder Jake Elliott-Hook got in touch to tell us more about S’wheat’s soon-to-launch new reusable drinks bottle, sold as ‘the world’s first reusable bottle, made from plants.’

Scotland-based S’wheat is the brainchild of Queen Margaret University (read their case study) graduate Jake and Edinburgh College graduate Amee Ritchie.

Following two years of intense research, the pair created ‘the world’s first reusable bottle made from plant-based materials’, namely naturally grown wheat straw and bamboo, which the brand describes as ‘the world’s most sustainable bottle.’

The bottle, say S’wheat, is “fully biodegradable” other than for six screws in its cap, which can be easily removed with a screwdriver. At the end of a hopefully long life, the bottle can be crushed into smaller pieces and buried, where it will take between two to five years to break down, causing no environmental harm in the process. The bottle will also biodegrade over time in landfill. The same cannot be said for many of the bottles currently on the market, which are often made from plastic or mixed materials. And, in case you are wondering, it’s gluten-free and safe for people with Coeliac disease.

According to Jake, S’wheat aims to disrupt the industry. He explains: “At S’wheat our core mission Is to protect the ocean from plastic pollution. We know you live a busy lifestyle and need a reliable water bottle, that will last you a lifetime’s worth of memories. That’s why we designed the S’wheat bottle to be durable, versatile, BPA-free and easy to clean. Whether you’re at the office or climbing a mountain S’wheat’s dynamic eco-thermal wall will keep your drinks hotter or colder for longer.”

Jake continues: “Every S’wheat product sold takes the equivalent of 20 lbs of plastic out of the ocean, that’s 360 single-use plastic bottles worth for every sale. However, we wanted S’wheat to do more so for every sale S’wheat also plants a tree. You can track the growth of your tree in real-time and see where in the world it has been planted.”

S’wheat also donates a portion of its profits to help protect wildlife and marine life around the world.

On their journey to-date S’wheat has picked up a number of awards, including awards from Scottish Edge, Santander, The Prince’s Trust, The Hunter Foundation, NatWest and more. Impressive stuff, particularly when you also consider that both Jake and Amee are yet to reach 25.

After two years in development S’wheat is finally ready to launch their newly designed S’wheat bottles.

To celebrate their launch, by signing up to their waitlist you’ll gain exclusive discounts, rewards and free products while doing your bit for our planet and being among the first to receive a stylish and eco-friendly S’wheat bottle. Undoubtedly a unique and interesting talking point whether you’re at school or university (or your children are), outdoors with friends and family or at work!

Simply, enter your email to their waitlist and share your unique link with friends and family to earn free rewards and products!

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