You may already have read out blog ‘Living More Sustainably – Where Do I Start?‘ (do take a look if not…) and be in search of further ideas on practical, everyday changes you can make in order to work towards living more sustainably. Below is a list of ten great places to start…

1. Aim to reduce your energy usage through steps ranging from turning off lights and appliances to limiting your use of central heating. Even lowering the thermostat a degree or two can make a huge difference. And switch to a green energy supplier.

2. Consider if you can reduce your intake of meat and dairy products, or go the whole way and become vegan or vegetarian. And when it comes to food, make and bake more to avoid processed and heavily packaged goods and if you are able to, grow your own produce.

3. Ensure that you fully understand what can be recycled in your local area and how. Whether it’s through kerbside collections, your nearest supermarket or a local TerraCycle scheme.

4. When making purchases, whether it’s your weekly food shop or something bigger, aim to consider the most eco-friendly and sustainable option available and affordable to you, based on where and how something has been made, the raw materials or ingredients used, and how easily it can be recycled at the end of its life.

5. Turn your garden into a haven for nature by adding a compost bin, water butts, bird baths and nesting boxes, insect hotels and pollinator friendly plants.

6. Try to shop locally wherever you can and support the often independent businesses at the heart of your community.

7. The past year has reminded us of the fantastic holiday destinations we have here in the UK. Aim to reduce how far and how often your fly in the future.

8. Aim to give gifts that are eco-friendly and may inspire others, or give experiences/your time. Avoid cards wrapped in plastic and use craft paper and paper tape when wrapping if you can.

9. In normal times, look to reduce your annual car mileage by switching to public transport, cycling or jogging and enjoying days out closer to home. Also consider an electric or hybrid vehicle next time you are changing your car.

10. As well as at home, explore any changes that you and those around you may be able to consider making – at school, at work, through clubs and groups and so on.

Finally, it goes without saying, where possible, please think about joining and donating to nature and conservation focused charities, either in your area or nationally. We support charities including the Berks Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust (our local branch of the Wildlife Trusts), The Woodland Trust, the RSPB, The National Trust and Hillside Animal Sanctuary, which are all great places to start. You can explore such charities via the Charity Choice website.

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