Zero waste business Maya’s Refillables has been a regular fixture at Wokingham Market for several years. With the business having recently set up shop at its shiny new permanent home in Wokingham’s Peach Place, we caught up with owner and friend to Plastic Free Home, Maya Gheorghe, to find out more.

“Having a shop has always been a goal for me, but it’s also a big commitment, so starting as a market stall has been a great way to test the appetite for zero-waste consumption amongst our community,” explains Maya.

She discusses the many benefits that a shop will bring, including a bigger and broader range of eco-friendly products (certain items are very difficult to sell when outside), a more hands-on refill experience for customers, a speedier service and being able to escape the elements on a bad day.

“It has been coming for a while. The huge increase in demand is obviously fantastic but impossible to satisfy from a small market stall and the business has really outgrown that model,” she explains when asked ‘why now?’

Outlining her vision for the shop, Maya says that “It will be an extended and enhanced version of what I offer now – household and cleaning products, personal care items, dried goods and other food items – many of which are refillable.”

She continues: “My aim has always been to listen to what my customers want or need and after researching and testing, to help everyone on their journeys towards becoming more sustainable. I try to tick the sustainable, affordable and locally sourced boxes as much as possible.”

When asked about the future, Maya explains: “I felt like taking on a new challenge and I also wanted to bring something new to the town, in addition to being a zero waste shop. I really want Maya’s Refillables to become a sustainability hub and to host upcycling workshops, to become a recycling point in collaboration with Ali’s Recycling, to invite producers and suppliers to come along and talk about their products and to organise themed evening to connect people from our community to new and ongoing projects.”

Producers and suppliers, as well as those involved in eco-friendly crafting projects or those aimed at altering, repairing, upcycling or recycling items, interested in working with Maya’s Refillables is encouraged to get in touch with Maya at

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting Maya’s Refillables in its new home and we were so impressed! The shop is superb and a testament to Maya’s hard work and commitment to the zero waste cause. We can’t wait to visit again and to engage with some of Maya’s wider plans too…

we can’t wait to visit and to engage with some of Maya’s wider plans too!

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