The 2020 Plastic Free Home Awards

As we’ve just ‘enjoyed’ awards season (well done to the BAFTAs for pushing sustainability, not so well done to the Oscars), it’s time for the biggest of them all (drum roll…), the annual Plastic Free Home Awards. There’s no glitzy ceremony, there are no heavyweight awards, Joaquin Phoenix isn’t among the winners and we’re not […]

10 Tips for a More Environmentally Friendly New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, here’s a whistle-stop tour of some changes you may wanted to consider to go greener in 2020… 1. Shop smarter Support local businesses and consider the alternatives to supermarkets (read our blog) for your fruit and veg, meat, bread and milk and other fresh produce. The result […]

Switching to Renewable Energy at Home? Our Top Five Green Energy Suppliers in the UK

The end of the status quo? With green energy becoming increasingly mainstream, more choice than ever before and tariffs that match or often better the traditional ‘big six’ energy companies in the UK, there are many reasons to make the switch. According to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, as of March 2018, […]

Why Switch to Renewable Energy at Home? We Spoke to Bulb Co Founder Hayden Wood About the Impact of Going Green….

Keen to get answers to some of our followers’ questions and to help further encourage more people of the benefits of switching to renewable energy at home, we spoke to Bulb co founder Hayden Wood… Tell us about your backgrounds? Where did the inspiration and idea for Bulb come from? “Amit and I had been […]

The Shift to Green Energy Has the Wind in its Sails

A month or two ago I read an article that suggested Europe’s energy sector has reached a “watershed moment” and predicted that more cost-effective, and of course environmentally friendly, green energy will spell the death of carbon driven energy production within the next decade. Another article that I read earlier this year celebrated the fact […]