10 Tips for a More Environmentally Friendly New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, here’s a whistle-stop tour of some changes you may wanted to consider to go greener in 2020… 1. Shop smarter Support local businesses and consider the alternatives to supermarkets (read our blog) for your fruit and veg, meat, bread and milk and other fresh produce. The result […]

Are Wood Burning Stoves (‘Log Burners’) Bad for the Environment or our Health?

We can probably all agree that wood burning stoves are easy on the eye and generally add a certain charm or homely feeling to your lounge or another room in the house. But, sadly they aren’t as beneficial for our health, so with the colder months approaching we explain why you may want to think […]

Why Switch to Renewable Energy at Home? We Spoke to Bulb Co Founder Hayden Wood About the Impact of Going Green….

Keen to get answers to some of our followers’ questions and to help further encourage more people of the benefits of switching to renewable energy at home, we spoke to Bulb co founder Hayden Wood… Tell us about your backgrounds? Where did the inspiration and idea for Bulb come from? “Amit and I had been […]